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Locally made tea grinding machine introduced in Mirik

Mirik : A locally made tea grinding machine was today installed at a tea plant owned by MB Subba in Rangbhang village. The machine made by Soureni resident DB Tumruk was ordered by Subba as a cost-effective and easy-to-use tea grinding option for his plant. The introduction of this machine has not only encouraged Subba, but has also spurred the enthusiasm among the TG workers. Despite having limited knowledge about tea grinding machine, Tumruk completed the machine within a month on Subba’s request. Tumruk believes his new machine has the potential to be used at each and every TGs in the hills in future. After installing the machine at the tea plant in Rangbhang, Tumruk explained its functionalities to the plant workers. 

He said he was satisfied with the new machine and its installation. Subba, a veteran in tea production since 1998, said the new machine will make work simpler as the workers used hand to process the green tea leaves earlier. He informed the government has not provided any support to the TGs in Rangbhang and he has been producing tea on his own since the beginning. Subba said he is satisfied with the work he is doing and the amount he earns, but requested the administration to renovate the 1.5km stretch of road from the village to the main road. The road, which is the only means to connect to bigger cities, is creating problems for the workers to transport the tea.
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