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Kurseong MLA Rohit Sharma denounces Arup Biswas’ statement

KURSEONG : The statement the other day by Youth Services Department minister Arup Biswas in the State Legislative Assembly about those who have scaled Mt Everest from the state has been denounced by Kurseong MLA Rohit Sharma. Speaking from Kolkata, Sharma said according to the speech read out by Biswas, since the country’s independence till May 19, 2011, only four persons from Bengal, namely Major (retired) Shipra Majumdar, Satyabrata Dam, Basanta Singha Roy and Debasish Biswas have scaled the world’s highest peak. MLA Sharma wonders as to why only those four people figured and moreover they are all of the Bengali community. He asked, “What about Tenzing Norgay, the first Everester, Kusang Sherpa and Ngawang Gombu, who have scaled the peak several times?” He demanded a clarification from the government stating the names of all who have scaled Everest should figure in the list and not just the names of the four Bengalis.
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