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Furious Salman Khan slaps bodyguard at Mehboob studio

Mumbai : Bollywood actor Salman Khan is one man who is known in the industry and to the outside world for his warm heart, but he is certainly someone you won’t want to mess with. According to multiple media reports, the actor lost his cool when one of his bodyguards misbehaved with a fan. Salman Khan was shooting at Mehboob Studios, Mumbai where the incident took place. The actor was having a meet-and-great with his fans, when one of them tried to put their arm around Salman for a photo. When the bodyguard saw this he tried separating the fan and Salman and hit the fan’s arm by mistake. The actor was furious, and with no hesitation slapped the bodyguard in front of his fan. The actor's film 'Kick' released yesterday.
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