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BT College of Kalimpong in deplorable condition

Pradip Lohagun
Kalimpong : Primary Teachers Training Institute or BT College has been a victim of administrative negligence since the past many years. An institute which helps in making a trained and proficient teacher has been surrounded by many problems for long, but the concerned department has not been able to do anything yet. The college lacks proper hostel, training block, administrative facilities and teaching staff along with drinking water, fencing and many other issues. Rajen Gurung, a student at the institute, says the hostel has 4 rooms, which is shared by 37 students. “We have to manage everything within this four rooms, be it study, sleep or other chores,” he claimed. BT College was burned down on February 18, 1988 in the wake of the violent agitation during the first statehood movement and since then it has been neglected. 

The administrative block is still not completely renovated and is in an unusable condition, due to which the male hostel is doubled up as a classroom for the students.  lthough, the students are directed to use the hostel, the college administration has been forced to allow many students to stay outside due to the lack of proper facilities. College principle Manindra Bhujel informed apart from Kalimpong, the college has students from Dooars, Jalpaiguri, Siliguri and other places. “Since many of the students from these places come from underprivileged families, they cannot afford to stay outside or take admissions at other institutes. Therefore, the concerned department has to think about revamping the institute and provide proper facilities to the students,” he observed. 

Bhujel further informed the college has written many a times to the state government and regional administration, but has not received any response. Bhujel said the administrative works usually done by District School Board, ISF School, District Inspector of School and other departments are being done by college staff, despite the absence of trained professionals to carry out the task. The main reason for proper development of students is due to the lack of these facilities, he claimed. The BT College was established in 1950 along Ringkingpong road in Chandralokh, Kalimpong under the Comprehensive Education and Development programme of the first 5-year plan by the central government. The main aim of the programme was to help youths to get trained in special skills to become self sustained. Initially the college has a capacity of 60 students, but during the second 5-year plan the capacity was increased to 120.
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