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The Sikkim State Police launch anti-extortion campaign

GANGTOK : Amid reports of increasing cases of extortions in the state of late, the Sikkim Police have started an anti-extortion drive to curb such crimes. The police superintendents of the state’s four districts and the CID SP have been appointed as nodal officers to deal with extortion cases including threats in an effective manner by ensuring complete confidentiality of the complainant or the informer. “We have been telling people not to believe in prank calls as such callers’ intention is to beguile the gullible into parting with personal information such as one’s bank account details,” said DIGP MS Tuli, who is also the spokesperson for the Sikkim Police.
No bank or no credit card companies will ask a customer’s account details over the phone, he added. Tuli requested everybody to remain aware of such cheats and to cooperate with the police by ignoring their calls to help in reducing the incidence of extortion in the state. He also noted down phone numbers to which the general public can call immediately and any time if they happen to receive calls asking for bank account details or saying they have won a lottery or a valuable gift. The following are the phone numbers that the public can access for immediate assistance:

Designation                   Office             Mobile

SP East -               03592 288416     97333 44400
SP West                03592 250763     94341 03263
SP North               03592 234242     86703 55564
SP South               03595 263726     99322 95961
SP CID                 03592 202087     98383 04738

If necessary, the following supervisory officers can also be contacted:

DIGP/ Range           03592 207000               97331 13311
IGP/ Law & Order   03592 201554              87684 05705
ADGP/CID              03592 220718              94340 22964
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