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Shout Out to Jeet Gurung for Keeping the 'Darjeeling Spirit' Alive

Darjeeling Chronicle Facebook Page
Darjeeling : The DC team sends a warm "Shout Out" to Jeet Gurung for upholding and keeping the 'Darjeeling Spirit' alive even in the face of such temptation. Mr. Gurung had gone to take out some cash from an ATM in Bangalore and found Rs 10000 that was left unclaimed, presumably by the previous person who was trying to take out her/his money. Instead of taking the cash and quietly leaving the ATM, Mr. Jeet who hails from Kalimpong and is currently working in Bangalore went to the branch and handed over the money to the Bank, in the hopes that the person who forgot to take out the money would find it. In his FB post he writes, "Got a feeling someone might have worked hard to get that money..may be a month salary..God spoke to me I think.. So I went to Citibank Branch and handover the cash.. All bank employees were socked... I hope the owner will get the money." Thank you Mr. Jeet Gurung for upholding and keeping the 'Darjeeling Spirit' Alive Take a Bow Jeet Gurung, you have earned it!!

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