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Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung, Shaurya Chakra Winner ( Posthumous)

Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung of 5/5 Gorkha Rifles has been awarded “Shaurya Chakra” (Posthumous) for displaying exceptional resilience, commitment and epic bravery during counter infiltration operations along the Line of Control in J&;K. Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung is a resident of Kaski District of Nepal. On 31 Jul 2013, the individual was part of the surveillance detachment deployed in boulders and steep cliffs. Despite being in virtually cramped position for four days during inclement weather, the brave soldier maintained sharp vigilance. On 03 August 2013 at approximately 5:30 AM, he sensed some movement in the fog and alerted his party. Suddenly, the terrorist opened indiscriminate fire and lobbed two grenades towards the neighbouring team. Sensing threat to his colleagues Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung fired at the terrorist and crawled closer towards him. This action diverted the terrorist’s attention who charged towards Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung and lobbed another grenade. Displaying steely nerves, Sepoy Ran Bahadur Gurung kept engaging the terrorist, giving crucial time for neighbouring team to readjust. However, another burst by the terrorist caused a fatal injury to the gallant soldier, who sacrificed his life in the defence of the Nation.

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