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Manjushree Park in Mirik to become major tourist attraction

MIRIK : Manjushree Park in Mirik has all the ingredients to become a major tourist destination in the hills with its lush green gardens and natural ambience. On the same line, the district administration is planning to promote the park as a key tourist attraction in the hills. Manjushree Park was established in 2000 and was inaugurated by the then Darjeeling administration (DGP) chief, Subash Ghisingh. The park already has 11 sheds and a temple along with restrooms and other facilities. To add to the existing facilities, the district administration is planning to establish coffee house, swimming pool, rest house, shopping complex and a children park for the benefit of the tourists. 

The park has enough space for the planned development and would be a great boost to cater to the increasing tourist influx during the season, according to park official Krishna Mani Thapa. “The park has footpath to reach each and every sheds spread across the park, but there is a need of a bridge for one of the sections,” he added. The park has already become a major attraction for many tourists visiting Mirik and with the planned development, its popularity is expected to increase further. With support from the GTA and prompt execution of the plan, the park not only has the potential to be a prominent to tourist destination among the hills but also across the country.

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