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Kurseong civic body chairman still hopeful of realising dream

KURSEONG : Kurseong Municipality chairman Samirdeep Blon says he has not given up his dream of providing adequate drinking water to the residents of town. The GJM-led Kurseong municipality board was formed around two years ago and Blon, who was the party’s sub-divisional general secretary, got elected as the chairman of the municipality from Ward 17. Upon taking charge, he took several initiatives to fulfill the basic needs of the general public. One of his dream projects was to provide adequate drinking water, if not surplus, to residents of Kurseong municipality. When Blon took over as municipality chairman, there were myriad problems hounding the residents such as the lack of streetlights and a waste dumping ground, to name just a couple. 

Gradually, most of the problems were resolved and the town area became cleaner while venturing out at nighttime was no longer risky given the presence of streetlights. However, the scarcity of drinking water still remains a nagging problem although a lot of effort has been put in to resolve this crucial issue. Nevertheless, Blon said he has not given up hope and is still taking various measures to turn his vision into reality. He said the municipality needs support and funds from the GTA, but unfortunately, the administrative body has problems of its own to deal with and it itself is unstable.

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