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Kalimpong PTTI unhappy with Part-I exam results

KALIMPONG : The students and teachers of Primary Teachers’ Training Institute in Kalimpong have expressed their dissatisfaction over the results of the recently concluded Part-I examination. The PTTI trainees undergo a two-year programme and results of the 2012-14 batch, comprising on 47 students, for the Part-I examination were announced a few days back. Of the total students, 16 of them have failed the examination, raising doubts on the correction process and misconduct. PTTI, Kalimpong Principle Manindra Bhujel said the result this year was the worst in the history of the institute and this could be because of the negligence of the people handling corrections. Claiming the results to be unbelievable and defaming, Bhujel said, “We are looking into the debacle as misconduct, as many students who were weak in their classes have passed, while the ones who were touted as the best have failed. 

Moreover, many students who have passed the examination have scored lower than expected.” The PTTI principle further said his institute left no stones unturned in providing quality teaching and training to the students. “We conduct regular unit test along with the two term examinations and most of our students have done well. Again, there are students with meritorious results in the XIIth standard studying in the institute and even these students have scored low. All these indicate irresponsible correction and misconduct,” Bhujel further claimed. He was also fearful that with such poor performance in the Part-I examination, the students will not be able to perform well in the Part-II examination. Bhujel said the institute will write to the PTTI's state governing body about the issue and try to find an explanation. They will also be demanding a recheck of the answer papers to make sure the correction process was conducted properly. 

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