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Husband and wife murdered brutally in Kalimpong

KALIMPONG : In a shocking incident, a husband and wife from Gidabling near Kalimpong were brutally hacked to death with a sharp weapon by some unknown miscreants, while their 12-year-old daughter sustained major injuries. Fortunately, no harm came to the couple’s younger daughter, aged 7. The deceased, Dominic Bhutia and Christina Bhutia, were daily wage workers, and they were found dead inside their house this morning, lying in a pool of blood. The police have detained a neighbour named Puran Rai for questioning, but are yet to establish the motive behind the murder. They have also ruled out robbery and political vendetta as the Bhutias were weak financially and kept no political affiliations. Area residents are stupefied with the coldblooded murder as the victims’ house is located in an isolated area of the village.

Moreover, with the football world cup ongoing, many residents were still in bed when the incident occurred. Dominic was a hardworking man and neither had any ill reputation nor made enemies. The family used to go about their daily routine in a decent manner and was always helpful to everyone in the village. But the manner in which the couple was murdered has shocked the village residents who have demanded a thorough probe. Meanwhile, the residents said Puran Rai and his father Hajit Rai have earned a bad reputation as they have been involved in numerous fights and altercations. Puran is currently being interrogated, but he has reportedly denied of any involvement in the gruesome killings. 

 Dominic’s elder daughter, Yaki Ongmu Bhutia, who sustained grievous injuries in her head and hand, was rushed to the Kalimpong sub-division hospital by neighbours. She has been referred to Siliguri for further treatment. The incident is one of the most ghastly the region has ever witnessed. Christina’s hands have been severed and there are deep cuts all over her body, while Dominic’s hands too were cut off and his face and neck bear multiple cuts. Both died on the spot. The police have sent the bodies for postmortem.
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