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GTA offer a job to a family member of Dawa Wangchu Sherpa

Darjeeling : The GTA has decided to offer a job to a family member of Dawa Wangchu Sherpa and some financial assistance. Dawa has been missing for the last 10 days is with Everester Chanda Gayen after being caught in an avalanche while scaling Kangchenjunga. On 24th May Bimal gurung was the first one to highlight the issue of the missing local Sherpa boy from Darjeeling in that devastating avalanche and asking for some Government compensation. Sadly till date there is no response from the Government. When gurung got the news of this terrible accident, he felt that the there was only focusing to get back Chanda Gayen and there was no mention of the two Sherpas that went missing. The entire world must understand that without the help of the Sherpa Community who are key guides up in the mountain, it would be nearly impossible for climbers to scale the mountain.Bimal will still continue to pray for Chanda Gayen, Dawa Wangchu Sherpa and Mingma Temba Sherpa.

- Bimal Gurung Official Facebook Page
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