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Darjeeling Dooars United Development meeting after defeat

KALIMPONG : The Darjeeling Dooars United Development Front cited organisational weakness from the grass-root level, the impact of Modi wave across the country and the lack of adequate election funds as the key reasons for its defeat in the Lok Sabha Elections this year. The DDUDF conducted a general body meeting today to address the election debacle and its strategy ahead at the Shyama Devi Hall in the Thakur Bari area of Kalimpong. The meeting was chaired by organisation chief Dr. Mahindra P Lama, in the presence of prominent DDUDF members including Dr. Anosdas Pradhan, P Arjun, Sukman Moktan and R Moktan among various other members. Dr. Pradhan, while talking to press after the meeting, informed the apex body formed in collaboration with the BGP and other government and non-government organisation for the elections has been dissolved. “The responsibly for the defeat of DDUDF chief Dr. Mahindar P Lama has been taken by apex committee. 

The organisation has therefore decided to dissolve the committee,” he stated. Meanwhile, Dr. Lama said, “We tried to make the organisation strong in just 5-6 months, which was not adequate. We could also not reach the people from the grassroot level, which was important considering the number of people in rural areas of the hills. We also did not have enough funds to spend for the election as compared to other parties, while the Modi-wave which swept the entire nation also did not help us.” He also rubbished all the rumours about him and his organisation about the defeat and urged the people not to believe such rumours. Dr. Lama had expected about 2 lakh votes but receive only about a third of the expected numbers. “It is not easy for any other party to secure the amount of votes we secured in just five months, but the votes also made it clear that only 55,000 people believe in change and development,” he analysed. Despite the defeat, the organisation will continue its commitment towards Gorkhaland and will work for its development. “The DDUDF has been formulating strategies and plans to continue its activity in the hills,” Dr Lama added.

The DDUDF chief also said he has not yet decided on forming a separate party and will take a decision on it in future after taking consultation with the stakeholders. “This is not something that can be decided by one person, it would need approval and commitment from everyone involved. We are currently trying to take public opinion and consulting within the organisation. A decision will be taken when the right time comes,” Dr. Lama stressed. Hitting at the GJM, the DDUDF spokesperson P Arjun said, “Morcha did not win the election on its strength, in fact it was the impact of Modi-wave that helped the BJP candidate win the election this year. Moreover, BJP has never said anything in public regarding the formation of Gorkhaland, yet the GJM has won the election twice in the name of separate state. We have a doubt on the Morcha leadership.”

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