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SKM criticises govt’s move to scrap second-Saturday off

GANGTOK : Opposition Sikkim Krantikari Morcha through a press release issued by party vice president TN Dhakal has criticised the SDF government’s move to ban second-Saturday offs for government employees on the just the second day after taking the office. The SKM said Benefits hitherto enjoyed by government employees should not be withdrawn as scrapping second-Saturday offa is a betrayal to their service. The release further adds if the government is judicious all Saturdays should be declared a holiday. 

 The SKM release further went on to slam the government’s decision to hike licence renewal rate for businessmen and for asking the businessmen to wait until the hike is implemented for renewal. “The rates of trade licence renewal are already high and it should be revised downward not upward and the renewals should not be delayed for any reasons whatsoever,” the release stated. The SKM also criticised the SDF for bursting firecrackers along MG Road in Gangtok on May 21 to rejoice the formation of the government, saying the road is a smoke free zone and is a complete violation of the law implemented. “The party strongly opposes such activities which puts pressure on the government employees, business communities and public in general. We completely condemn such actions by the ruling party in the state,” the release added. 

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