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Silent Mandate to be game changer in Darj: Saman Pathak

MIRIK: CPIM Darjeeling constituency candidate Saman Pathak said the ‘silent mandate’ will be a game changer during the LS poll results on May 16 and believes a lot of those votes will be in favour of his party. Stressing the importance of respecting the sentiments of the people, he said, “The people have voted for the party that will work for them and we have always worked for the benefit of the people.” Recalling the Left Front rule in the state, Pathak said his party had brought a lot of development in the hills. “It will all be clear when the results will be announced on Friday. Everyone will know who the people of the hills have favoured for and who they believe is capable to lead them for the next five years,” he claimed. Meanwhile, Darjeeling DYFI president Ramesh Kadaria said a party which fights the elections in the name of religion and caste will never win the election. “A party that is free of any religious biasness and works in favour of the people will be the winner. Communist party will not only win the Darjeeling seat, but will also win many seats in other parts of the country,” he claimed. 

He also said even if the party loses the elections, it will not cease to work for the benefit of the people. Hitting on the ruling TMC government, Kadaria said, “TMC has not been able to do anything in the hills. Mamata Banerjee’s government is not trying to bring development in the hills, but has created a division among the people.” On the issue related to Panchayat elections, he said DYFI demands the state government to make amendment to recognise GTA as a constitutional body before conducting the three tire election. “If this is not done, panchayat elections would not mean anything. It will just be another ploy by the Mamata government and people should be aware about that,” the DYFI leader added. He further said if the Panchayat elections are not held in a proper manner, the rural populace will be the ones to suffer. 

Claiming the government’s negligence on the rural populace, Kadaria alleged, “TMC government in the name of development is doing rampant corruption and is filling its pocket. The Rs130 crore worth Teesta-Rangeet Hydal Project, meant for the benefit of the rural areas of Darjeeling, Kalimpong and Kurseong, along with other major projects were announced by Mamata herself. However, all these announcements were false and were only meant to fool the people of the hills.” Kadaria also questioned why the government has not done anything on the issue related to chit fund scams, where the rural people of the hills have lost about Rs.150 crore. “The state government has failed miserably in the hills and the repercussions of that will be faced by the party when the results will be announced this week,” he added. 

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