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People equally responsible for beautifying Kalimpong: Ganga Gurung

KALIMPONG : The Kalimpong Municipality chairman Ganga Maya Gurung has said the local people should also equally contribute in making the town clean and beautiful. She claimed the municipality has been continuously working to beautify the town, but the locals have been irresponsible in this regards. Gurung said the municipality had installed dustbins in front of all the shops in the town to promote waste management. “However, I have no idea where the dustbins have gone,” she said. The Kalimpong municipality had also placed flower pots across the town as part of its beatification campaign and had given the responsibility to the shop and house owners to take care of the plants. 

But the condition of many of these flower pots is dismal and many of them have been lost, she added. “Therefore, I urge the people of Kalimpong to give equal contribution to our efforts if they want to see their town clean and green,” Gurung emphasised. The Kalimpong municipality chairman also said the municipality has been diligently working to collect and dump the town’s waste every day, while it is also in the process of acquiring a plot of land to convert it into a dumping ground. “Sewage and waste management is one of the biggest problems the town is facing, and we are doing all we can to manage it effectively. We will accomplish the task, but we need active cooperation from the local people as well,” she added. 

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