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Newly-formed Sikkim Cabinet takes crucial decisions

GANGTOK :  The newly formed Cabinet of the Sikkim government held its first meeting Wednesday at the Cabinet Hall of Samman Bhawan wherein the members discussed a number of issues and took several important decisions. At the outset, Sikkim is to be declared a BPL and illiteracy-free state as also a fully organic region. The members pledged to prioritise revenue generating schemes and to complete all ongoing projects in time. The Cabinet also decided to make all government policies development oriented and as part of this policy, to extend subsidies in cash only by way of directly depositing the money in the personal bank account of the beneficiary. In pursuance of the government’s policy to boost Sikkim’s revenue, the Cabinet has decided to levy an entry fee to visitors at Char Dham, the famed religious destination in the south of the state. 

 Further, the government will review the process of promoting teachers from the primary teaching level to the secondary and so on in order to maintain quality and standard in government schools. Another important decision made was on medical reimbursement to government employees and the ceiling set at Rs5 lakh. The reimbursement is to be applicable only for the concerned employee and a revision made to the term ‘family’ under the State Government Medical Rules. In order to ensure maximum priority is enjoyed by Sikkim subjects, the Cabinet has decided to make the Sikkim Subject Certificate or Certificate of Identification an essential pre-requisite when issuing driving licenses and permits for taxi vehicles, among others. The certificate will also be needed for contractors as it has been decided to stop all sub-letting of contractual works. Another important decision taken by the Cabinet to ensure students of all communities are treated at par is the implementation of stringent procedures when it comes to the Chief Minister’s Meritorious Scholarship. 

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