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Kurseong suffering from malfunctioning internet service

KURSEONG : The poor quality of broadband internet service in and around Kurseong town has been giving a lot of problems to the people. Over the past several days, the BSNL department of Kurseong has failed to provide proper internet connectivity. Internet services have begun deteriorating by the day and getting disconnected frequently. This has not only affected internet-related businesses in the hills, but also created a negative impact on the daily works of government offices in the region. When queried, Kurseong Telephone Exchange junior telephone officer Abhijit Bhowmik said as the tourism department is widening the Pankhabari Road, underground fibre cables are getting inadvertently damaged in the process. 

Despite this, the BSNL is trying its best to restore proper internet services by repairing the cable lines. But as the road repair work is ongoing at various points, the exchange has been unable to restore proper services, said Bhowmik. He further said the BSNL requested senior officials in Darjeeling to provide internet services to Kurseong region through the ‘micro-wave’ system, which has been kept in Darjeeling as a stand-by. Accordingly, internet services in Kurseong are being provided through the micro-wave system over the past few days. The official added most of the problems are almost resolved now as the BSNL has installed a new overhead fibre-cable stretching around 4km in the affected areas of Pankhabari Road. However, despite the best efforts of the BNSL, internet services in Kurseong are yet to resume properly. 

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