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Kurseong drivers rally under Trinmool Congress banner

KURSEONG : In the latest development over the Kurseong traffic rule fiasco, a large number of drivers joined the TMC and also conducted a rally. Dissatisfied with the Janmukti Chalak Mahasangh with its handling of the new traffic rule issue, several drivers from various syndicates joined the TMC and held a rally under the leadership of TMC women’s leader, Karuna Gurung. They shouted slogans demanding proper parking places for their vehicles and also sand praises of TMC chief, Mamata Banerjee. Talking to reporters later, Amar Moktan of the Dharamshala Taxi Operator Welfare Society said his syndicate has quit the JCM and started supporting the TMC-backed Kurseong Drivers’ Union. “We are dissatisfied with the role played by the JCM on the issue of the new traffic setup in Kurseong.We had always supported the Mahasang, but it did nothing in our favour when it met the sub-divisional officer. They sidelined out grievances and problems during the meeting,” Moktan claimed. 

He added only a few selected syndicates were able to obtain proper parking places for their vehicles under the initiative of the Mahasangh, while several other drivers and associations were neglected. “Hence, keeping in mind our livelihood and families, we are now seeking help from any party that understands our plight. Fortunately, the TMC came to our rescue following our request and we have been provided with proper parking places by the administration within two days,” claimed Moktan. Meantime, Karuna Gurung said, “We are ready to fight against any atrocities wrought upon common working people as Mamata Banerjee herself says nobody should remain hungry and everybody must be given the right to self-employment to sustain a proper livelihood. Therefore, the rally we took out is not politically oriented, but to demand for the right of the common man for a decent livelihood.” Janmukti Chalak Mahasangh secretary Subash Pradhan said the TMC is playing dirty politics over the issue with the help of a few selfish drivers. He added his organisation has always given paramount importance to the interest of the drivers and the public.

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