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HB Chettri accuses rivals of encouraging anti-socials in hills

KALIMPONG : While the whole of the Darjeeling hills is boiling in rage in the wake of the rape of a three-year-old girl in Teesta Bazaar, Kalimpong MLA Dr. Harka Bahadur Chettri today commented on the grave crime while adding anti-social activities in hills have increased ever since opposition parties have made inroads in the region. Chettri’s statement came as a shocker with many people accusing him of exploiting the unfortunate incident to hit out at his political rivals. “With opposition parties in the hills launching their various programmes, undemocratic and anti-social elements have become more active here,” opined Chettri. Speaking to media persons in Kalimpong, Chettri tried to steer the GJM clear off the incident and accused rivals of providing asylum to the criminals. He said, “Anti-socials are active everywhere, but as the activities of opposition parties have increased in the hills, more of undemocratic incidents have began cropping up in the hills compared to a democratic atmosphere.” He said anti-social elements are joining rival parities as their ardent supporters and the opposition must be held responsible for the recurrence of crimes. 

The GJM spokesperson added rival parties are encouraging anti-social elements by awarding them party membership just to increase their support base. Chettri leveled similar charges against rival parties on the case of contraband usage reported a few days ago. He alleged drug addicts themselves registered a police complaint against some people accusing them of using banned drugs with discreet support of opposition parties. “They (anti-socials) should not be encouraged by describing them as members of a political party. If this happens, our society will get ruined,” said Chettri. Speaking on the issue of government formation after the elections, Chettri said the possibility of Mamata Banerjee and Narendra Modi joining hands at the Centre is bleak. According to him, only a few days ago Modi stressed the BJP has no expectation of getting any support from the TMC. He added that even if the BJP and the TMC tie up to form the government at the Centre, the GJM will be least bothered with the development. The GJM will move ahead holding fast to Modi’s assurance of remaining always in favour of the Gorkha community.

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