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BGP Condemns Police firing on 2 Gorkha protesters in Manipur

New Delhi : Bhartiya Gorkha parisangh President  Enos Das Pradhan said that According to the telephonic news just received from our BGP Manipur State Branch a 13 year old Gorkha girl was raped by a 65 year old Naga man at Paomei, Imphal, Manipur yesterday. The girl has been hospitalized. The Gorkha community of Kangla Tumbi took out a protest march and demanded immediate arrest of the accused. The Manipur Police used tear gas and later resorted to firing in which 2 Gorkha protesters died on the spot and more than six Gorkha protesters were hospitalized. There is likelihood of further tension in the area when the funeral procession of these two Gorkha protesters would be taken out today. Bharatiya Gorkha Parisangh condemns police brutality and demands immediate action against those police personnel. This is not an isolated incident but Gorkha community as a whole in the state of Manipur have been facing such attrocities at the hands of Police administration and we seek Centre's immediate intervention for the safety of a minority community.

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