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Jan Awaaz questions candidates’s stand on GTA and Gorkhaland

New Delhi : In response to questions from the people of Darjeeling Lok Sabha Constituency on the stand taken by Jan Awaaz and in response to letters and communications received from the candidates, Jan Awaaz held an e-meeting on 25th March 2014. Jan Awaaz members from Darjeeling, Delhi, and other parts of India and from abroad participated in the meeting. In its meeting Jan Awaaz members reiterated two of its central beliefs. First, nothing short of the creation of a state will fulfil the aspirations of the people of Darjeeling and Dooars. Second, GTA will have to be completely rejected in order to be able to effectively build a movement for Gorkhaland. 

Based on these two beliefs, Jan Awaaz has decided to ask each candidate to clearly and unequivocally state their stand on creation of Gorkhaland and rejection of GTA. Jan Awaaz believes that these are the two main questions that need to be addressed by political parties and candidates seeking votes in the Lok Sabha Constituency. Those refusing to directly address these two questions are insincere and are only paying lip service to the cause of the people. As an organisation that gives expression to people’s voice, Jan Awaaz claims that it has raised these questions on behalf of the people and it is the people who seek answers to these questions. 

Also, since the Darjeeling Lok Sabha involves the question of Gorkhaland as the identity of the Indian Gorkhas, every Indian Gorkha living in any part of India or abroad has a right to get an answer to these questions. Through these questions, Jan Awaaz seeks to bring back the issue of Gorkhaland and GTA back to the debate among the electorate of Darjeeling Lok Sabha. Jan Awaaz will very soon personally meet all the candidates and ascertain their stand on the beliefs of Jan Awaaz. Based on their response, Jan Awaaz will go to the people and mobilise opinion in support of the truly committed candidate. 

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