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Former CM of Sikkim Nar Bahadur Bhandari Retires from Politics

Gangtok : Near Four decade, 40 years is greater than the age of most of our facebook users in Sikkim. The year was 1973 when my father, Shri Nar Bahadur Bhandari got his first initiation into politics and today as he bids adieu to active politics, I can sense his restlessness. In all these years, he has seen the peak and the abyss. The love and affection showered on him by Sikkimese people surpasses the brickbats. He has achieved what many of us can only dream about. And we, his family are really proud of him . He is retiring from active politics but will be around to guide and see Sikkim blossom and flourish .

 A big THANK YOU to all Sikkimese people

 [From Primula Bhandari]
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